Readathin Round 8 | May 2019

Everyone! Everyone! I can’t believe it’s Readathin time again! This readathon is everything to me. I can’t believe that it’s become what it has.

So, this readathon is normally hosted by myself, Jessica from Jescamarie493 and Chelsea from AVeryBookishGirl. Chelsea is not hosting this round, but we’re still going to have a wonderful time!

The focus of the readathon is to read books that are on your physical ereader TBRs. I know that I have approximately a million books on those two TBRs. The only rule is that you have to have owned to book before the readathon. You don’t have to follow the challenges and we aren’t going to dictate your reading, but the point of the readathon is to thin your TBR out. So buying new books that fit the challenges defeats the purpose.

Extra points if you can do this all without buying any books as well.

I created a picture that you can use in your stories to keep up with how your TBR is going. You put in the number of books you have on your owned TBR before the readathon starts. Then put in how many books from that TBR that will be on your Readathin TBR. Then as you read a book, add to the total read. Keep up with how many books you hauled and in the end, how many books you have on your TBR!

Also, I will be hosting a 24-hour readathon during Readathin. It will start at midnight on Saturday, May 25th and will end at midnight on Sunday, May 26th.

This round will have five reading challenges and a month long photo challenge. First, I’ll post the photo challenge photo. So make sure that you share the photo and use the hashtag #ReadathinPhotoMay19 so that you can get shouted out to.

I try to share everyone’s photos each day in my stories so make sure you’re joining in!

Now, let’s get into the challenges. I will include some recommendations for any that can be recommended.

1. Read a book that you put on a previous Readathin TBR, but didn’t get to

This one is mainly for the people who have participated in Readathin before. I’d say, if you haven’t, check previous months when Readathin happened (Aug 2017, Nov 2017, Feb 2018, May 2018, Aug 2018, Nov 2018, Feb 2019) and see if you have any books that you haven’t read yet.

2. Read a thin book

This is the photo I shared during Round 7’s photo challenge for the prompt Thin Books.

3. Read a book that was gifted to you or a book that you got from a subscription box

This photo I from FOREVER ago. The end of June to be exact. But these were all the books that I owned that came in an OwlCrate at some point in time.

4. Read a diverse book

There are so many options for this one. Any book that has a main character that is different from you, whether that be race, sexuality, or mentally, it will make it diverse. I highly suggest you read an own voices book.

If you need help figuring out if any of your books are diverse, feel free to send me a message or comment down below that you do. I’ll redirect you to Instagram, Twitter, or email so that you can send me a picture of some of the books you have on your TBR.

5. Read a book that is spring themed

This can either be by color of the cover, story feeling like spring, story taking place during the spring, etc. It could even be in a genre that you tend to read more of during the spring.

If you need any recommendations for anything or can’t decide what to read out of a few options, let me or Jessica know and we’ll help in any way that we can!

I do hope that you join into this readathon and work to thin down your TBR!

Make sure to share this post, my video announcement, or Jessica’s video announcement on your social media to let your friends know about it! Thanks so much for your continued support!

Stay bright and stay beautiful, Readers. Bye!



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